Finally. I´ve swung open the blast doors to my personal postapoc portfolio.

In case you´ve just stumbled over this site and ask yourself what this place is about: Actually, I´m not quite sure myself. I´m just a big fan of postapoc stuff. I watch all the movies, no matter how cliché and I read all the books, no matter how crappy. I even read "The Postman". I wouldn´t admit it in public though.

For now you´ll find here several images I´ve made in my spare time during the last years. I´ve been working on them more or less simultaneously, trying to keep them somewhat consistent in style and quality. Not that they´re anyhow state of the art as far as CG quality is concerned, unfortunately. In the end I just haven´t been able to keep up and decided I spent enough time on them. I will post one image a week, so check back next sunday if you like!

Although it should go without saying: Please do not use my work without my permission. Should you have questions just email me.